Invalid domain? Need wordpress install help

My apologies if theres an answer to this already posted, but I can’t find it. I’m trying to put Wordpress on my site, but when I use the quick installer it says “invalid domain name”. I’ve checked and rechecked, and my domain name is correct. I have evn just copy pasted it from my dreamhost acct. Its kinda frustrating for a non-internet savvy person like me.

In the quick installer menu where it says select sub domain & domain, what do I need to put there? There are two spaces and one says select domain. I’ve tried using both and one at a time and I keep getting the invalid domain message. I don’t really know what else do.

While it is not your direct problem I can tell you are on the ‘simple’ one click install. Flip over and do a custom install instead. The blanks on that screen are a little more intuitive anyway.

‘simple’ means the files will be stored ina central repository in a way that you can’t manipulate, and a better name for ‘simple’ would be ‘central’

‘custom’ means files installed in your own directory.

FYI – with ‘simple’ you can not add scripts, themes etc…

Thanks, that worked!