Introduction to DreamHost Community new platform

Welcome to DreamHost Community’s new forums! This is a community of web professionals who engage in useful conversations about WordPress and other open web technologies. The forums are open to all, whether they are DreamHost customers or not.

This platform is a lot more modern than previous one, it’s based on the open source platform Discourse. you can get familiar with it by reading Discourse official tips and tricks. Things are quite different, it may get a bit to get used but I’m sure you’ll love it.

A fun way to learn about Discourse, is to send a direct message to @discobot and follow the interactive tutorial. Try it: it’s fun!

Are you wondering where the old forums are? Read how to start a new conversation.

We hope you like Discourse: if you have questions or comments about it, feel free to post a new topic in the in the “Site Feedback” category.

If you had an account on the old system, please restore your password: you need to remember the email address you used. If you don’t remember which one you used, feel free to open a ticket (pick “other” from the dropdown menu) specifying your username or some other detail that may help us trace your account.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Congratulations on what looks like a successful migration with all of the required metadata. I know moves like this are tough to plan and implement and appreciate the effort.

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As a DreamPress customer it’s nice to see the community has been upgraded from phpBB to Discourse (It requires huge amount of hardware to run, but a great software). Been a user of Discourse for a while now, and i believe this will give users/customers a better experience and modern approach in the community. It will take awhile for users to get used to it, but this definitely a great piece of software especially when you get familiar to it. Think of it like Twitter and facebook-like stream of posts.

Hopefully this change includes more active helper (active customer service) and i will assume it comes with this change.

More power to you DreamHost, please keep doing what you are doing and make it even better for your customers.


Thank you @Normsky!

The intention of the forum is to create a safe space for all DreamHost customers to find answers to their questions about WordPress and other open web technologies regardless of whether DreamHost officially supports them. It’s a safe space because we’re not going to tolerate trolls and we’ll bury non-useful conversations :slight_smile:

This community augments DreamHost Support team: we know that sometimes support staff doesn’t have an answer (or can’t give one) to some issues or curiosities customers face, so this is another venue for people to engage with peers.

I hope I’ll see you around often!

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Hi all, First time here!

\ /\ / O \ /\ / Discourse Board :slightly_smiling_face:
to be honest, I’m here to understand how and what is needed to get it started on my VPS.


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I was planning to contact DreamHost today to switch my hosting from another provider. I find you don’t have a phone number on your website, even for sales questions.

I’m not at all impressed by having to wait an unspecified amount of time, just to ask simple questions about buying your service.

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There is a live chat feature available on during US Pacific business hours where our support agents answer sales-related questions. And of course you can ask on this forum, too.

Great, I would prefer to speak with someone, rather than spend my morning typing my questions, but Chat is better than nothing.

Where is this Chat feature? There is no Chat interface. It’s not at the link you provided to the home page, nor is it on the contact page. If Chat is available during Pacific business hours, I assume that includes noon.

What about Support? Is that also Chat only or do you allow customers to speak with your technicians?

Try browsing on

Support for customers is available via email, chat for free and the is an option for phone callback (as a paid option). More details on

Loving this platform “Discourse” - selective quotes, bookmarking, badge system, threads / Quite nice and great choice!



I really like this platform. Thanks to the developers and all the guys who work on it!

Absolutely agree! Waiting for update.

thanks for your time.

hello guys i am newbie here

Thank you for this information!

thank you such a wonderful post.