Into what file/directory do I upload the HTML/CSS files for my site?


I’ve finally got hosting service from Dreamhost and everything. Now, when I access my server spot via Fetch, I’m trying to figure out where I upload the files that I’ve used to build my site offline (HTML, CSS, photos).

I’ve got a screen shot of what Fetch is showing me.

Can someone please explain 1) where I park my site’s files, 2) whether I need to create a new directory/folder for the files, 3) where I create the index.html file, and anything else you might suspect a newbie having trouble with?

I really appreciate your help! Thanks.

You’ll need to upload your files into the folder corresponding to your website - i.e. However, in some configurations there will be a folder “public” within that folder, in which case you put the files in there.

The folder is where you should put files that you want the webserver to be able to find.

Specifically if you put a file named index.htm index.html or index.php (as well as many more pseudonyms for index) into the folder that is the file that would be served when a visitor arrives at

If you had a file in that same folder/directory named test.jpg you would be able to display in a browser at

If you created a folder/directory named images and uploaded test2.jpg to that folder then visiting would display that image.

That should get you going.

Added note: If you’re having trouble getting the above to work it’s likely 1 of 2 issues.

First, verify you are using the correct “user” on the server. Go to “manage domains” in the dreamhost panel and verify the user name listed in the web hosting column on that page. That is the user you must be using to log into ftp/SFTP. Sometimes new users can get confused about what “user” means and end up with a confusing mess of users, more than one of which (due to experimentation) might have a

Second, could be DNS. Changes made in the dreamhost panel can cause DNS changes… it may take 4/18/12 hours or even longer for those changes to make it around the internet and back to you. The term is “propagation” and it’s a normal part of DNS. In most cases the remedy is simply wait it out. This will also be the case if say it doesn’t show the page in your laptop but does on your phone. Propagation happens differently for every provider and device.