Interrupt during builds

I’m building webpages from merchant datafeeds. Sometimes I’m successful in building the homepages from the datafeeds, but now interrupts are 100%.

I’m under the code moster plan, but I dont know what to do.

I would hate to be limited to a server plan.

If additional information is required, please advise.

If your build processes are using up a relatively large amount of server resources they may be killed automatically to keep the server stable. If that is the case, you will have to take steps to reduce the cpu and/or memory usage of the running process. You should contact our support team about it if you are not sure how to go about this. Also, I don’t know for a fact that this is what is happening but it is likely.

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Thank you Dallas for the reply,

Is there a way to beta test a script to understand your power manangement resourse versus my script build process.

To help reduce the CPU, I hired a programer overseas to rewrite the program to save in batches, but when data is being deleted from the old database, then it fails in this arena. One problem solved and another is created. I even elected to drop four large merchants to validate if the new size will be improve the process.

As a dreamhost subsciber, if I knew of the process to manage the cpu or memory, then I could do a better job.

In contacting the support team… founder… welll… hate to state… it takes days for a phone call return. Email response does occur, but we have to wait for 167 other replies prior to my request. This is why I’m trying the fourms.

You should offer paid phone support.

One of the support replies stated if you cant fix the problem, you should sign up for a server plan. If I understood how to manage my cpu or memory during these builds, I could have a better script composed.


We are in the process of taking some steps to hopefully speed up the response time on call-back requests via scheduling of our support staff. They are often not useful if the response time is too slow and we are going to address that. Sorry you have had a less than optimal experience so far!

Also note that we do not answer support quests ‘first-in first-out’ so you will not necessarily have to wait for all those other 167 messages to be answered before you receive a response. Typically simple questions that only need a simple response will get answered very quickly and more complex problems may require some digging into the problem before they can be answered. Over half of our incoming support messages are answered within 2-3 hours currently, and most of those are answered within 1-2 hours. We are in the process of improving that further as well.

Regarding the specifics of your server usage, that is something that will have to be discussed through our support system so we have the specifics of your account. These kinds of issues typically fall into the ‘complex’ category so it may take a little time, but we will do what we can to help you out.

Also note that we do provide phone support and priority support for our dedicated server customers so if you have a more mission critical application that may be a good option for you to consider, especially if your particular application requires a relatively high amount of server resources at times. We will try to get things working for you in our shared hosting environment, but there are necessary limitations.

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I hope your staff does follow up. I placed a request to sales to discuss this issue about a dedicated sever. So far… 5 hours a waiting.

I’ve have also contacted serval outsource firms to understand how to manange or monitor shared server cpu and memory usage to manage my current script.

This recommended upgrade would be a big jump in montly cost from 16 dollars a month to 99 dollars just to run a script once every 3 months.

This is why I’m asking for a unique fee to just to run the script via a cron task.

Big cost just to run a script.

Please keep the discussion going Dallas.