Interntational Domains

As an extremely happy DreamHost user I was wondering if theres any recommendations for other Domain Registrars where I can register and international domains. It would be great to work with a registrar who wont stiff me for additional fees for pointing the nameservers elsewhere.


I searched and saw a couple mentions here in forums. Not recommendation exactly.




I have used Not had any problems apart from the signup process involving them trying to get me to take hosting with it, not surprising though.

Plus at the moment the first year for the domains is free (you still need to pay for two years though)

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it’s ok for

Few others TLDs have special requierement such as dns in the same country.

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are we saying that I can register a domain on Dreamhosts domain registration then ? If not then I guess its of to 1and1 ( depsite the floods )

No, DreamHost isn’t a registrar for domains (yet, and we haven’t even heard any rumors). As you said, I guess you’ll have to go with 1and1. I’ll ask the folks in the London office at work what they use.

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For Ukrainian domains try: