Internet Hardware hosting

Do internet hosting companies own their own hardware or do they lease it from cloud services such as Amazon?

Both… however there are many scenarios and hardware set-ups to give a general answer.

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My question is what happens if I am competing with Amazon or Google. Can they just shut my website down? If Dreamhost is using their cloud space?

Very unlikely Google or Amazon would see you as a threat warranting that action, but kudos for thinking big.

Assuming DreamHost was using Google or Amazon’s infrastructure to store or serve your content then they quite likely will impose pressure on DreamHost to remove your services for [reasons] if you are seen as a threat.

Do you have reason to believe your content is being stored on third party servers and not on DreamHost’s own infrastructure?

@sXi - my point is, if Christop doesn’t understand DreamHost’s infrastructure & their relationship to tech giants Google or Amazon, then he would hardly be in a position to “compete” (not threat.)

In my mind I Should I have my website hosted by a company without the website and email hosted on a service without hardware. For those who have negotiated with Google and Amazon know they will do whatever they have to do to get what they want. They do not have ethics. How do you determine what hosting company is hosting on their own hardware and is not affiliated with them?

So again, what leads you to believe DreamHost uses Google or Amazon hardware?

That’s what I want know. If they use their own hardware or they store it with cloud space they lease.

Well what did they tell you when you asked them?

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