Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

I am trying to get to my website but keep getting Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.

I do not know if this is a host problem or a wordpress problem. I was working on a new post and it wouldn’t save. My wordpress dashboard froze up and stopped working.

I tried to get back to my website itself and I keep getting the same thing. When I choose to diagnose connection problems, I get a problem that was found that says “website ( is online but isn’t responding to connection attempts”.

Is there anyone who can help me because I can’t get on my site at all and I don’t think anyone else can either which is very frustrating when you need to do some things.

And help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!


Depending on which version of MSIE you’re using, you may very well have a problem IE 6 is old, retired, but still used far too often. Lots of current sites won’t display properly on it.

There’s even a WordPress plugin that warns visitors against MSIE 6.

To see what’s up, though, try the site with other browsers, such a Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Thanks! I use IE 8 - Haven’t upgraded to 9 yet because it gives me problems with anything. I had been having problems with it all day but it just so happens that after I received your reply, it started working again. Go figure! lol

Thanks for the tip about the other browsers though. I didn’t even think to try them so if I have that problem again, I will be sure to check them all out before I start to freak out!

Thanks again for your help!

You’re welcome.

Alas, even though all browsers promise good fidelity and adherence to Web standards, in the real world, they can differ. If you expect your site to look good to as many people as possible, you want to test it on different browsers. If you have computers that support different platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux), check them on all if you can. Ditto for mobile browsers. You certainly want your site to look good on an iPhone, an iPad, and a Droid at the very least.