Internet adress of user pages

i created new users.
what is the internet adress of this useres?
they have no problem to upload their files with ftp but how can they reach their pages?

New users are not given an internet address by defult. You can use direcoty remapping to accomplish this though. Search the Wiki for more help.

Basically this will allow you to set a direcoty of one of your domains that the user will be able to access.


wiki ist not helful for me

Remap Sub-Dir
From here you can over-ride the directory that sub-directories of your domain serve from! This is useful if you want to give a separate ftp user access to say without giving them access to your whole site.

My domain:

user: hcww, laufsport, skvg

I want do give the user hcww access to

my action:
Maps to Path Modify Mapping: /home/hcww/
Waht is wron with it?

Yes, the description in the wiki is not clear. I’ve got the same issue and was able to get it to work (sort of). It seems to need to point to a specific subdirectory inside of the user’s home directory. It also seems to fail if you point it at an existing subdirectory…

So, for your example >
you could map it to /home/hcww/(subdirectory)

Then you would see the contents of (subdirectory) at

If you mapped it to /home/hcww/
it creates a subdirectory named “” inside of your user’s (hcww) home directory!

I’m know there’s a reason for how this works, but it’s not very clear… Maybe someone who knows more will speak up…

Hmm… I make one user test here and work fine:

  1. I make the user called BRAZIL;

  2. In “add domain/Fully Hosted” I put the url

In ftp I have /home/brazil/ and work fine!

user: Brazil
pass: mypass


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