Internationalized Domain Names Registration?

Has anybody here registered an IDN (domain name with non-English characters) and if so, who did you use? Dreamhost support said that they couldn’t handle IDNs, and the only places I’ve found that specialize in them are places I’ve never heard of (usually with high prices).

Anybody willing to recommend a good IDN registrar?

Also, I’m a bit confused; if a registrar accepts an order for the Punycode version of the domain (say, これ.com), will that work, even if they don’t explicitly support IDN registration, or will it not go through if I try to register it? DH’s system, for example, correctly identifies Punycode domains that have and haven’t been registered, but I assume it wouldn’t work if I actually tried to use to to register one… or will it?

I don’t know whether you can register them through DH, but I presume you’d be able to set them up in the control panel using the Punycode (all-ASCII) version of the name, though not with the actual foreign-character version.

– Dan