International Domain

Has anyone had any trouble hosting an international domain…specifically a

My domain provider tells me that it cannot contact the dns servers…very weird.


I don’t have any personal experience with a .br or a .ca, but I know there are people who do have positive experiences and who will speak up in later tonight!

Are they saying they can’t contact, or

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Well I don’t have access to the domain provider panel YET…but from what my friend told me…it confirms the dns when you add them to a domain…it gives an error that it cannot connect to the dns servers.

Most people seem to have no significant troubles pointing the domain’s DNS servers to dreamhost’s at:

I can assure you that oftentimes they are up. (i hope that someone laughs about “oftentimes”)

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Well apparently it is working now, so all my worry was for nothing. I should have had more faith in DreamHost…I’m sorry…LOL