International Domain

Hi All,

Is Dreamhost support international domain ? I have 3 Indonesian domain ( that I want to host in dreamhost. Is that possible ?



Yes, DreamHost supports the hosting of international domains. However, you will not be able to register these domains at DreamHost or transfer the registrations here.

To host international domains that are registered elsewhere, you simply need to configure the DNS settings for the domain to point at the DreamHost DNS servers.


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howerver you have to manage them in standard format (xn–…)

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Moua, international domains doesn’t mean that they are IDN (xn-…).

I have international domains with just regular caracters. For example:
And it’s hosted at DreamHost (and framed to Sedo parking until I develop it next week).

Just create your account at DH, and change the DNS at your Registrar.

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I have two international domains hosted at DreamHost (.se). This might differ between ccTLDs but IIS are using a very easy to use web based form for redelegations. Check if there is something similar that you can use for It is very nice because it can be done by you within an hour without having the old host to accept a transfer. The only thing that has to be done at DreamHost is to add the domain namn in the panel.

Hi bjornl,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try to host it.