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I have been trying to load up a classified ad script.
all seems well, xfered appropriate files seemingly ascii, proper names and permissions.

Script runs fine, however cannot get test ad to post. My only concern and lack of understanding are instructions in the install text about setting one variable.
Text follows

This is in the install Text

If the ad didn’t show up, then the problem is related to either your setting for the $classdir variable, or to a permissions problem. First, verify that your setting for the $classdir variable points to the full internal server path (not a URL) to the “classifieds” directory that you created outside of your cgi-bin for the storage of the graphics files, the HTML pages created by the program, and the ads.counter file. If you don’t know the full internal server path to this directory, you may need to ask your server admin or web hosting company for this value.

This is what is in the script

$classdir should point to the full server path of the new directory that you created

for this program where the ads.counter file and the HTML pages for the ads will be

stored. For Unix servers, this new directory should have its permissions set to 777.

For Windows NT users, this should point to the full server path to this directory,

beginning with the drive letter and using forward slashes instead of backslashes,

such as “d:/InetPub/wwwroot/ads”.

$classdir = “/usr/www/users/you/classifieds”;

I am unsure if this is pointing to the directory I created for the graphics and html files the program uses.

Please help

If this is literally what’s in the script as installed in your DreamHost account, then we’ve probably found your problem!

Change the line to:

$classdir = "/home/navpilot/classifieds";where navpilot is the real username of the “FTP user / CGI-runs-as user” of the domain you’re hosting.

Also, make sure to create the “classifieds” directory through FTP or whatever way you usually upload and manipulate files and directories on your account. Make sure that you create “classifieds” as a directory at the same level as the web directory for your site.

Technically, you can replace “classfieds” with any directory name you want, but I figure it’s easier to keep it to be the default from the original installation.

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