Internal Server Errors

All day today, well, since last night every other page on my site gives an Internal Server Error, I have raised a support request with Dreamhost (6 Hours ago) and still waiting for this to be fixed.

I have been reading these forums, and the wiki for answers to try and fix this myself and come across an article about compiling my own custom php, what I would like to know is if I took this route, would it fix it and in future if the error came back again could I solve it myself without having to wait and wait and… you get the picture.

Thanks in advance, & Happy New Year!

Without diagnosing the reason for the message all I can be sure of is that a local PHP install would probably make things works.

But that’s just my experience.


Thanks for the reply Wholly, much appreciated.

Do you know if it’s possible to install your own php, but still be able to use DH if things don’t go to well?

Or does installing your own compiled version wipe out theirs for your personal use?

Yes, if you compile your own PHP, you can revert back to DreamHost’s PHP at any time. Just undo the changes you’d make in .htaccess.

Yes, you can compile and install your own PHP, or even copy the default DreamHost install of PHP over to your domain and configure your domain to use this. However, I don’t think this will help with the ‘Internal Server Errors’ you are experiencing.

I would suggest waiting for the reply from support.


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Hiya, Thanks for all your replies.

At the moment DH haven’t replied to my support request, but things seem to be working again and according to the error logs have been for nearly 4 hours, but as it 4am here on New Years day, the site could have only been accessed by myself in the last hour, so no real guarantee that it’s all fixed until later on today.


Do you know what else could cause this kind error?

Or is it too vague to pin point an exact cause? My error log is full of lines like this “Premature end of script headers: /dh/cgi-system/php.cgi” which is why I assumed it to be something wrong with the php.

I am the only person with access to the files and nothing had been changed, so I believe it was nothing I done wrong that caused this.

Thanks again, and Happy New Year!


I agree, if you haven’t changed anything and the site was working correctly previously, then it is likely to be a (hopefully temporary) glitch on the DreamHost side of things.

It is good to hear that you believe the problem may have ‘gone away’ on its own, time will tell I guess.

In cases like this, where things were working OK, then just suddenly start throwing errors without any changes having been made on your end, I find that taking drastic steps, like installing PHP locally, just complicates matters.

You too. :slight_smile:


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