Internal Server Error


Our main domain is unresponsive today and I am uncertain as to the cause. The last time the site was modified was on Saturday and it was working just fine until this morning (AFAIK).

If there is anyone who can help us track down the source of this issue, it would be greatly appreciated!

Just tried renaming the .htaccess file to .htaccess.bak and this seems to have solved the problem. A new .htaccess file was automatically generated in its place.

Looks like a problem between your database and the site. Are you sure someone didn’t change the access to it?

I’m the only one who ever touches the database so I’m certain it wasn’t a database issue. Pretty sure it was just a corrupted .htaccess file. All has been well since I renamed the file and allowed WordPress to generate a new one. :slight_smile:


I apologize for the delayed response to this.
I’m glad to see it was a simple fix. If this issue does come up again, feel free to post it here, or send in a ticket.

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

I took a look at your .htaccess and the .backups you had, since WP usually doesn’t die like that.

At the bottom of your .htaccess.bak I saw this:

# END WordPress
 BEGIN Visitor Maps Extended
# BEGIN banned ips
<Limit GET POST>
order allow,deny
deny from IP
allow from all
# END banned ips
# END Visitor Maps Extended

The problem was likely “BEGIN Visitor Maps Extended” which was not commented out.

By the way, you should have that deny section put above the WordPress one :slight_smile: It’ll help your site run faster, by punting those IPs before processing any WP files.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at that for me. I’ve never manually edited the .htaccess file for this site so everything contained within was automatically generated by WordPress and/or a WP plugin.

Not exactly sure how it got corrupted (or incorrectly modified), but apparently it did and after doing some research on this subject, it seems to be a common occurrence based on the 57,000 results when searching google for “wordpress htaccess corrupt”. This was the first time I’ve personally come across this issue though and I manage about a dozen different WordPress sites like this one so hopefully it won’t happen again but I’ll certainly be more prepared next time if it does.

That’s a good idea to move that plugin’s section above the WP section though… I’ll be sure to get right on that! And if you have any other tips/advice to offer regarding this site, feel free to let me know. It’s always nice to receive feedback from other developers - especially ones with as much knowledge & experience as you guys! :slight_smile:

Sometimes plugins write to .htaccess, and sometimes they do it wrong :confused: