Internal Server Error uploading a file


I have a web app with a mass uploader (Plupload) for photos and when I upload say twenty photos, about six (around 30 %) will fail with an Internal Server Error. I have checked the Apache error.log for this domain and it has nothing new (I know I’m looking at the right error.log since older errors did show here).

This only happens on my VPS on Dreamhost servers while on my development server it runs silky smooth.

Files and script
Uploaded files are photos, all about 100 kB big, even though I’ve successfully uploaded (and still can) 3 MB photos. My .htaccess naturally doesn’t change during uploads. On the server side is a PHP script that uses GD2 library to move and resize the photo.

Server state
I have recently upgraded my VPS from 300 to 400 MB of RAM. This thing used to work and I upgraded it just so that memory is ruled out as a reason. Also my memory limit for PHP is at 200 MB, so this should sufice.

I am getting mighty frustrated that Dreamhost does not want to help, stating that “we can not be responsible for an error your code causes” and "We still will not be able to assist you in debugging the issue unfortunately."
It has been a week of sparse “support” while my app doesn’t work and my clients are frustrated.

[]Is this kind of “You’re on your own” support a standard you are receiving lately from Dreamhost or am I just out of luck?
]How exactly can I debug this?


I have still not received any help or reply from Dreamhost.


there’s not much anyone here can do without details from the code and logs etc to get an idea of what’s causing the error. If it works on your dev server, then what’s the difference between your dev and VPS? the source of the error may be simply a missing library or a difference of encoding.