Internal Server Error + "Index of /" issue

My company’s Web site is set up with PHP version 5. On Saturday, October 1, we noticed that we were receiving an “Internal Server Error” notice. Other sites that I have hosted on DH that are not set up with PHP 5 are running fine, and I can get to any static HTML page on our company’s site.

I turned off PHP 5, and now I simply get a “Index of /” page. This seems to make no sense. We have no third-party PHP scripts installed.

Is anyone else having similar issues? I sent DH tech support a ticket, but it seems they have a lot of backlog at the moment. It would be good to know if this wasn’t an isolated incident.

I’m getting similar errors on my site with all of my PHP scripts. Likewise, I haven’t heard back from support. Hopefully, they’re working on it

Just to follow up, I got an email from support not too long ago. My php seems to be running now