Internal Server Error All Day - Switched to a PS and STILL getting the error

About 24 hours ago my website became unresponsive - Internal Server Error is the message I got. I have been running this site on Dreamhost for years. If anything, the activity in the site has been steady or slightly declining over the past few months. Suddenly, however, my site is not functional. I contacted Support who linked me to a page with ways to reduce my memory limit…stuff I have no idea how to execute. I was then told to upgrade to a private server to avoid problems like this, which I did - and I STILL am having this problem. I have touched nothing on my site for over a year and I am being told my scripts are causing the RAM to max out the servers on shared servers… which is why I upgraded. I have no idea how to fix this, and worst of all I am trying to sell this website and have potential buyers looking over it while getting Internal Server Errors - great timing. I rebooted my server and still no luck. I don’t know how to view my logs either, I’ve tried to go to the URL where they should be at but I get a 404… must be doing something wrong.

[quote]2011-06-26 10:02:08 procwatch2 INFO: Process(pid=29899, name=‘php5.cgi’,
uid=nameremoved(105609): kill for total RAM

I would highly recommend that you follow the steps in the following wiki
articles in order to reduce your usage:


I have no idea what any of this means.

Although you may not have touched your scripts in a long time, your
scripts ARE triggering the Process Watcher daemon.

I highly advise you to please review the links I’ve provided to bring
down your user’s consumption.

Also, please check out this link on how to optimize vBulletin:[/quote]

What scripts could they be talking about? How do I find out?

If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

Basically that is to manage the processes running on your server. You will need sysadmin knowledge to understand what they are talking about.

They are not talking about your script. They are talking about DH’s monitoring daemon :stuck_out_tongue:

i think if you want to sell your site, you might want to invest in a freelancer who knows what s/he’s doing to help you out.