Internal Error: web server has no frontpage apache

What does this error mean? I have frontpage and I was trying to upload it to my site, I uploaded it to the ftp, but then I thought I should upload it to my site. Where do I upload it to, and what is that error when I try to upload it directly to my site? What is apaches?

“I have frontpage” should be regarded as a statement that you have a disease, like “I have the measles”…

– Dan

If you are trying to use Frontpage to upload pages to your website you should have no trouble, assuming you understand how to use Frontpage and are FTPing the files to your web accessable directory (your domain).

Dreamhost does not have Frontpage loaded on its servers for clients to use, your errors probably have something to do with trying to access Frontpage server functions that are not there.

Read your frontpage manual about creating stand-alone websites.

Apache is a server language/package.

Looking around the panel for something else, I noticed the Frontpage extensions block. Make sure, if you use Frontpage, to activate those extensions for your domain. That might be the error the OP was referring to (although it was hard to make sense of that post).

C’mon that’s just rude dan, I solved the prob. nothing’s wrong at all! It was an error on the dreamhost server

Yes, it was rude. But, if you are serious about web development, i would steer clear of frontpage. I realize it’s not expensive, but learning html, php, mysql, or even using dreamweaver may help quite a bit.

if you just want a site for personal use, and not professional use, frontpage could be the thing for you.

It is unfortunate, but most serious developers can’t stand the site (and ramifications) of frontpage. Yes, there can be problems w/it. But if you aren’t too particular to your users view of your site, and need something simple, frontpage can work for you.