Internal Error: Unable to check domain availabilit

I’m trying to register a domain and I keep getting this message: “Internal Error: Unable to check domain availability at this time. Please try again later!” I had first attempted this last night and it still keeps giving me this message. I know that the domain is available because I went to another site to see it’s availability and it was. I tried registering another domain to see if it was the site that was the problem or my domain, and apparently the other domain didn’t come across the Internal Error message. What do I do? Should I register my domain at another site and transfer it to DH? :frowning:

Hmm, I get the same error. Best drop a line to Support.


Did you (or anyone else) contact support or should I do it?
I guess there is no need flooding them with requests if they allready know about the problem.

(I guess there is no need flooding them ever, but that is another story…:slight_smile: