Internal 500 error



I occasionally get internal 500 server error for no reason. I am using a shared server.

Occasionally, if i upload the same (multiple) photos, the process goes successfully. Sometimes, it shoots 500 server errors. There is no errors registered in my error.log

This started today. In the past, everything works perfectly. No script was changed.

Ok, so I dont know what happened today. I tried different methods.

file01, file02, file03, file04 works fine
file04, file01, file02, file03 fails!
file04, file01, file02, file03 with setTimout at 2000 ms works fine.
same file, renamed to filea, fileb, filec, filed in any order works fine
04.png, 01.png, 02.png, 03.png fails!
4.png, 1.png, 2.png, 3.png works fine.

I’m officially clueless!


Uploading via ftp, via the webpanel, via a CMS like WordPress?


Uploading via php codeigniter script and ajax

Anyhow, for some unknown reason, it seems to be fixed since last night. The mystery still looms. I tried to test it again today. Everything works. I still dont know what happened.

-_- No error logs, nothing.