Intermittent webmail issues

I use the webmail interface alot since I can have a secure way of reading mail. The problem is every once and a while I get Error connection to IMAP server: 0:. It’s strange because I can access it from outlook express without a problem, and that’s a much farther distance to travel then accross a room to a different server since I doubt the webmail stuff is on the same computer as the actual mail server. Anyone else having problems with this? I get it every once and a while but it’s increased in the last couple weeks. Not sure if it’s happening to everyone or just me before I go and ask support to look into it.

Todd Eddy

I know what you’re talking about… things seem to have been pretty stable since this weekend. I received this downtime announcement from Support on Saturday.

[quote]We have been having some problems with one of our mail servers today, causing temporary POP/IMAP outages.

The problem seems to be under control right now and we are keeping a very close eye on the server.

Thank you for your patience [/quote]

I spoke too soon.

I got the dropped by IMAP error again.

So, “connection dropped by imap-server” message in webmail is NOT a factor of my dreamserver having trouble, but some other machine at dreamhost having trouble? I’m never sure which problems come from my dedicated server and which ones don’t.

I’m getting this error a lot now (yesterday and today).