Intermittent vanishing email

Does anyone else have email sent to them that simply vanishes into the ether?

It happens to me in two particular instances:

  1. From a colleague at a major corporation whenever she sends an attachment. I’ve asked her to send to yahoo email simultaneously and it always arrives there, but not to my dreamhost site. Her other emails show up fine.
  2. Random emails–emails with Picassa links in particular seem to vanish. It isn’t always emails with links. Longtime contacts will send emails that I never get.

This happens a few times a month. These emails don’t show up in my junk filter folders either. Does this sound like a dreamhost hiccup or is it the internet gods? No one really believes when I say “I didn’t get the email.”

n.b.: had this dreamhost site for a number of years.

Any ideas/suggestion appreciated.

Nope. What are you using to check your email? Whenever I have an issue, I double-check via the interface.