Intermittent Redirect Loop

#1 is fully hosted, but I have actually moved the website to Shopify, with a single subdomain remaining hosted a dreamhost.

So I have a bare A record pointing to shopify, and a CNAME record for “store” pointing to shopify.

The panel is set to remove the www and redirect to

I last changed the panel a week ago, so there’s been plenty of time for the settings to propagate.

Sometimes I get stuck in an infinite redirect loop, sometimes I don’t. Different browsers, different computers, different times of day generate different results. One browser will loop while another doesn’t, simultaneously.

Other configurations I have tried include “leave the www alone so they both work,” with a CNAME record for www pointing to Shopify, but that also generated loops.

I can’t guess why it would be intermittent a week later.

What is the right way to do this? It would be okay to end “fully hosted” and host only the domain, pointing to shopify, and abandon the hosted subdomain, but I’m not sure how to do that either.


the problem is that is fully hosted. Which means dreamhost also creates an A record.

Set the main domain to DNS only and check to make sure your custom A and CNAME records are still there.

You don’t say what sub-domain your trying to host, but let’s say it’s, even tho you have the main domain set to DNS only, you can still create a sub-domain and set THAT to fully hosted.

Fully hosted means at dreamhost… you cant use fully hosted for a domain actually being hosted elsewhere. Dreamhost treats main domains and sub-domains about the same at the hosting level, and you can mix and match.


I’m trying to do the same thing. I’m currently fully hosted, and I want to switch to shopify, or at least experiment with it first. I want to create two subdomains, then get shopify working on one of them, then successfully migrate a completed shopify site from to, and then if I can do all that I will switch it to I wear suspenders and a belt.

Did you get it working ? Did LakeRat’s suggestion help?



Your situation is a little different than his. Don’t push the “add” button at the top of “manage domains” to add these sub-domains. Instead do this: (if you have already added stage(2) remove it/them, we don’t want dreamhost created DNS records in the way)

1 - find your “fully hosted” main domain listing on the “Manage Domains” page in the panel. Click the DNS link under that listing.
2 - scroll down and use the second “form” on that page to add your custom A and CNAME record for shopify.
3 - setup your shopify to use the subdomain.

When it’s time to move it just create the next set and delete the last, and change it in the shopify settings. (I don’t know the specific of shopify settings but I’m would think there is domain name or URL setting–like WP) When your ready to move it to the main domain you have to set that to DNS only first (no longer fully hosted). Don’t worry tho, this process doesn’t actually remove the files from the server, it just changes the DNS. If you need to fall back just make sure you know what user, and set the domain back to fully hosted (just screenshot so you can put it back the same way it was -disaster prep :wink: ).

The usual disclaimer applies: DNS changes take time to propagate… most changes like these happen in 4-8 hours, but can take longer… 12, 24… officially I believe up to 72 hours. You can watch as the change spread across the world using the tools at but remember not every DNS server is the world is listed there, just a good representation of what’s happening.


Wow, LakeRat, thanks a ton. An instant response that solved my question PERFECTLY.
I did go back to the DH Panel and I did a REMOVE for the subdomain that I had created with the ADD command.
As you suggested, I then (still in the DH Pane) created a (different) custom CNAME record under my fully hosted domain ( The CNAME “name” I created was “shoptest” because while I’m testing out shopify, I want to use The “value” for my custom CNAME record is “”. Last week, when I created my Shopify account, they created what they call my “shopify-hosted domain”, which is That already works, but of course I don’t want that for the long run.

Over at the shopify admin site, I had to choose settings/domains and “claim my domain” in their terminology. In their interface, I clicked the “Add a domain” button and told them I use “”.

Bingo bango, it all worked in about 10 minutes. On the shopify settings page, the status for still says “more configuration needed” instead of “OK”, but I think that’s because they’re doing a test on the backend of a bunch of DNS servers around the world, and some have the CNAME for, and some don’t. Nevertheless, it works from my browser!

I hope this helps somebody else. I will report back once I have more experience playing with Shopify. However, based on this experience, I expect it will be easy to change my root domain ( to be DNS hosting only, if that’s what I want. I may in the end use Word Press for blog and general content on and use for the store and transactions.

Thanks again…