Intermittent MySQL connect error

Hi, I’m on MySQL PS and several times a day for about two months I have received error messages when trying to connect to MySQL from PHP.

The problem isn’t present the whole time, but just sporadically, perhaps as a result of high activity on the ‘private server’ as a whole (and not just on my site) as it seems to happen during peak US hours (I’m in Europe).

I’ve reported the problem to support a number of times, but the problem is still ongoing and I just wondered if any other people were getting the same underlying issue.

The basic error message I receive (from PHP) is:
Warning: mysql_connect(): Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading authorization packet’ […] in function mysql_connect

My database is on DreamHost MySQL PS and my website is on DreamHost ‘web’ PS. The error started occurring when I moved my website from shared hosting onto a private server, so I suspect it might be the web server at fault rather than the MySQL PS.

I’ve been routing around the internet trying to find the cause and it sounds like a network/infrastructure issue, rather than something specific in my code.

My site gets around 150,000 page views a week (so it’s not that huge) and my memory usage is well under the amount that I have allocated to both the servers on the ‘Manage Resources’ PS control panel.

From the MySQL documentation, “If a client is unable even to connect, the server increments the Aborted_connects status variable. Unsuccessful connect attempts can occur for the following reasons:
A client doesn’t have privileges to connect to a database.
A client uses an incorrect password.
A connection packet doesn’t contain the right information.
It takes more than connect_timeout seconds to get a connect packet.”

If I run the query: SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE ‘Aborted_connects’: the result for my database is 548.

This is “The number of failed attempts to connect to the MySQL server.” This figure should be far lower than 548.

All of the above reasons seem to be infrastructure rather than code related. I’m just interested to see if there are other people with a similar problem, as if it is an infrastructure issue, there are likely to be others with the same problem.


I am having the same issue. DreamHost had me double the memory and add a VPSMYSQL. But I am still getting this issue. I really need help.