Interested in getting VPS hosting but confused on Pricing

I am interested in your VPS hosting for our wordpress site however I am confused over what the total cost would be and how that works.

We would want to start off with the smallest package of 300 MB. Now is that $15 total or we have to pay for the shared hosting first and then its $15 on top of that?

The site says the shared hosting is $5.70 but under the VPS sign up button it says $8.95. So would it be $15, or $15.00+$5.70= $20.70, or $15.00+$8.95= $24.95?

Then on the compare products page it says that the MySQL databases are $9.95 /Month Additional(shared hosting required), so for 1 MySQL database to be added to the VPS am I now paying $15.00+ $9.95= $25.95 or $15.00+$5.70+$9.95= or is it $30.65 or is it $15.00+$8.95+$9.95= $33.95?

Also why am I paying for the MySQL Database when I have to pay for the shared hosting already and the shared hosting comes with unlimited MySQL Databases?

So yeah basically Im really confused because all of the pages of the website are quoting different prices. I need to know the exact total for a 300MB VPS with 1 MySQL Database in total. Not an extra database but just 1 MySQL Database for the entire site.

@greenlilly - on this page: in the right column it shows the basic price is $15.00 per month " *plus shared hosting fee, as low as $8.95/month. " Lower on the page in the center column in the account features table it shows “MySQL 5 Databases Unlimited w/ Hosting Plan”

I draw the conclusion that $15.00 buys you a VPS and $8.95 (or whatever the shared rate plan you sign up for) gets you access to the shared mysql servers.

Beware! Dreamhost doesn’t yet have a system in place that allows customers to see exactly how much VPS memory they need. They claim they are rolling it out this month. You cannot rely on their advertised price of $8.95 or $9.95 per month. I have been having problems with Dreamhost since August 2011. I have been a customer since April 2011. Now I am paying much much more than I thought I would because of their new VPS policy. They have a very aggressive script that just kills your website if you exceed certain memory levels.

My personal view is DreamHost is pushing their shared Hosting customers to buy VPS.

We have few, small web sites on shared server platform and we do not have 500 even visitors per day yet. Our sites are getting 500 server errors. When asked from Dream Host Support, they say, your daily RAM is exhausted , thats why site is not displaying.

If you cannot have 500 visitors a day ,( your all sites on your hosting plan ) , what is the use of having DreamHost hosting.

Even the VPS could be big fat lie ?

All our sites are , ,, ,,

My dreamhost account 352960 member since 2007.

Can someone suggest me good hosting company to move.

One post is enough. No need to say the same thing in three other threads.

We haven’t made any recent changes to the way we account for memory usage on shared hosting (which is what you’re currently on). It’s more likely that something has changed in your sites, or in the activity of your sites, that’s making them use more memory than they used to.

[quote=“andrewf, post:5, topic:55969”]One post is enough. No need to say the same thing in three other threads.[/quote]Maybe they’re getting frustrated, too, as am I with trying to figure out what the offending code is. Using the stats and tools provided are pretty much useless.

I started nuking FastCGI on everything, and so far the only difference I have noticed is… well… I can’t tell, because the server I’m on has been up and down so much, mostly down, since Friday evening, it might as well be called Otis.

Nevermind that the Dreamhost Status page says NOTHING about it.

I still get 404 and 500s if not just plain blank pages in WordPress quite often, and it didn’t used to be that way, the usual reply is “we have not changed anything” rather “something must have changed with your site(s)”.

I can live with that, if I can figure out why. Heck, I’d even buy two accounts, except somewhere I read you can’t do that either. So the only choice I have is to buy hosting somewhere else.