Interchange-4.8.7 install problem

I’m trying to install interchange, and i’m getting some errors from perl’s FindBin module.
After invoking the ./configure script…

opendir(./…/…): Permission denied at /usr/share/perl/5.6.1/ line 143
Can’t write uid file: Permission denied

Anyone had luck with this?

Seems that there may be problems in the way FindBin figures out what directory tree it’s being run under.
Normally, this can be installed as an unpriveledged user, but maybe not in the realm of virtual hosting.
Wonder if i have to get DreamHost staff to install it?


I think that it’s because of one of the directories in the path being executable but not readable (usually the /home/.foo/ part of /home/.foo/username). Support can temporarily grant read permissions to /home/.foo/ which should allow you to install this.