Integrate SymLink with directory?

Googling for 30 minutes now I decided to ask somebody. Why not try out the Discussion Forum at DH to find out how well this works? :slight_smile:

I installed Gallery 3 on my shared account without the installer (as this only serves Gallery 2 for now) and everything is working fine here. But some plugins get updated very often and I’d dont like downloading and uploading them all the time. So I decided to clone from the official github to automatically receive the latest version of the plugins (here called “modules”).
Here is my question: How can I merge/integrate the content of a symbolic linked directory (with content from git-clone) with an existing directory? The reason I’m asking is because the github branch only offers plugins/modules do not cosist of the main system modules. For that reason I’d like Gallery 3 to find both in one directory: modules from github AND original files from installation.

I hope you understood my question and can help my solve that problem. Thanks in advance,