Insufferably Dumb Question About Links

If we domain is, and I upload to the site, and I can create a link to it in, then why can’t I link to it as

Which just gives me a 404 message?


Tom the Clueless

Wait a minute, you upload a file, you link to it in a document, and you get a 404 error message?

First of all: directory and filenames are case-sensitive. and are two different files!

Yeah, its kinda of a dumb question because 404 means not found. That means the file is not where the link points to! If I told you I parked my car out front and you told me you can’t find it when you look for it there, then obviously I don’t know where my car really is and have no business telling people where to find it :wink:

So double check that you’re uploading the file to the right directory. And make sure you are logged in as the FTP/shell user assigned to the domain.

If you’re still getting an error, its possible the funny business is due to the filename and/or run-time configuration directives in an .htaccess file. Do you have an .htaccess file with directives you don’t fully understand? To be specific, its possible a rewrite rule is to blame.

And you might be able to determine where Apache is actually looking for the file by checking the error.log file in your logs directory.

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This is incorrect:
Check the extention of the file you are pointing to if it is a web page then odds are the extention is .htm, .html, or .php These three are the most popular, even though it could easily be .txt
.com may be used after a domain name meaning commercial, but .com after a file means executable. If you had a .com file a download box would have pop up asking the veiwer if it is ok to download that file.

It was a case-sensitive filename issue. I had no idea that they were.

I told you it was dumb.

Thanks to everyone who responded.


But is your file actually named “”? What is it, an old MS-DOS executable command file?

– Dan