I’ve been trying to installing instiki on my domain, but without any luck.
Can someone please help me install it?

What problems are you having? Please tell us what all you’ve done so far, and exactly what’s happenning. “It doesn’t work” isn’t any good - but “when I try and view the file I get a 500 server error” does.


I’ve gotten version 0.10.2 working here without any problems. I haven’t tried to install the new beta1 version though. Which version are you trying to install?

Well, when I run “ruby instiki” after uploading the files, I get the following error message:

./script/…/config/environment.rb:60:in require': no such file to load -- active_support (LoadError) from ./script/../config/environment.rb:60 from ./script/server:42:inrequire’
from ./script/server:42
from instiki:6:in `load’
from instiki:6

Well, I was actually trying the beta. Should it be any different for 0.10.2?
What steps did you follow? Thanks.

For 0.10.2 I just followed the instructions on the Instiki homepage, it was really easy.

For the beta they’re storing the info in a mysql database. I played around with it and here’s what you do.

  1. Upload the files (which you’ve done already)
  2. Set up a mysql database in the dh control panel.
  3. Go into the config folder, and copy the database.default.yml file to database.yml.
  4. Edit the database.yml file. Delete all of the lines before where it says “# Sample MySQL Config”. Then uncomment all of the lines after it by removing the # sign from the front. Add in your mysql details, and save.
  5. Type in “ruby script/create_db” which will create the mysql tables for you.
  6. Type in “ruby instiki”. Then access your site at port 2500 e.g. and that should be it!

Hi, thanks for the reply. I got the 0.10.2 version, and it worked smoothly. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:
Another question, do you have to keep a terminal window open to run instiki?

Yes. See this post. :frowning: