I successfully got instiki working on my DreamHost account, but I want to make it a little easier to access. Currently if I want to start up the wiki I have to log in via SSH, run a command, and then open up my browser. If I close the command window Instiki stops working. Is there any way I can configure it like this?

I am having the exact same problem. Instiki needs to be started via ssh “ruby instiki” and it is accessible. Is there anyway to have this always running?

Hmm I just realized one of the links in my post wasn’t working. I was linking to this.

I emailed support about this and it is not possible. Here is their answer:

Unfortunately you are not allowed to have persistent background processes
running on our servers. The only way around this is if there is a FastCGI
package which will accomplish this.


ssh into your host

go to your instiki directory

screen ruby instiki hit ctrl+a+d

you have just created a separate window that will run on the computer you ssh’d into no matter if you close yours

but is this allowed? I mean, isn’t this a persistent task?
Can anyone enlighten me on this?