instantSSL Installation

I’ve designed a few sites before, but I’m in the process of opening my first eCommerce site. I’m at the point where getting an SSL is the next task. I went to under some of the advice I’ve seen in these forums. I noticed the free 30-day trial certificate and decided to give it a try. After they approved me for the trial certificate, they sent me an email with the actual certificates and stuff with some links to the installation instructions. Well, I read in DH’s KB how to install the main certificate and did so through the admin panel…everything went fine. Then I see in the instructions that there are other “intermediate” certificates to install. This is where I get hung up BIG TIME. I’ve copied the applicable part of the instructions below. You can also see the full instructions here.

I am having a hard time understanding exactly what to do. I have searched these forums and googled for about the past hour, and it turns out, I am the dumbest person to have ever tried to install a SSL because no one else has ever asked this question before, lol. Seriously, if anyone can throw me a bone here, or if you can just point me towards a good, concise resource, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

Just mail support the certs, or the link directly to the page with the info, and they’ll make the changes. I’ve installed their certs before and they made the necessary adjustments pretty quickly.