Instance snapshots

Why are instance snapshots the entire size of the root disk, even if I’m not using all of the space?

Does that make snapshots take longer to create and boot from?

Is it recommended I use volumes instead of snapshots if I want to delete an instance at night and boot it up from where I left off in the morning?

You can think of a snapshot as a bit-by-bit copy of a disk device: like if you issue the dd command to clone a partition, the output file will be the size of the whole partition. Because of the technology used under the hood, creating a snapshot is quite fast, and boot process is not different than booting from another image.

You should be able to take a snapshot, delete the instance and boot it up again later but the reliability of this process depends on how the image is built, customized. You may want to run some tests first to make sure, like take a snapshot and boot it (before you destroy the running VM).

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