Installing WP or drupal on redirected domain

Hi, I wanted to run my fix by someone because I’m not sure it can even be done.

Here’s the situation. Someone else in my organization built a Wordpress blog on and hosted it on their home computer. Too damn slow. So I built a google site and then went to the domain registrar and redirected traffic from to the new google site, masking the url.

Now we’ve started a Dreamhost account and want to host either a Wordpress blog or drupal site on DH using

Since I don’t want our current site to go down at all, I thought I would do this:

Install WP or Drupal on altogether. Get that site up to speed, then

  1. take down the redirect
  2. change the nameservers so that is hosted at DH
  3. export the blog at to

Then viola, it will be accomplished.

Is this the easiest say, do you think? What am I forgetting/not considering?

I know I can export/import a WP blog. Can one do that with Drupal? I am a Drupal newbie and am thinking that WP would be a lot easier to work with. The site is for a nonprofit and will be worked on by multiple people with little or no technical experience.

Thanks for your help!

This will help

If you have a database

Thanks. Okay what about this… .what if I transfer the registration of to DH, then build a WP blog on a sub-domain of that URL. Until that WP blog is ready, I will keep the still pointed to the google site (where our current web site sits). Then, when I’m ready to switch over, I can just export the new WP blog over from the sub-domain to and disable the redirect.

Would that work?

Which would be easier?

Hope this helps a bit

Yes, thanks. What I’m really hoping for is feedback about the process, not the individual steps. Appreciate it though.