Installing Wordpress

I help some help!
I have set up my hosting (yesterday) and already had the domain name.
I have done the one click installer and had the email through to say:


  1. Please create an admin user at:


and nothing happens - the page does not load?

Any ideas?

think i may have found the problem. the domain name is registered elsewhere, and I had not changed the DNS servers. I have now done this and will see… and wait some more…

Hey there!

I can see that your domain is now pointing to our nameservers, and your site shows the WordPress install page, so that’s good! You should definitely fill out the info on that install page ASAP though, as anyone can use it if they randomly find your site. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having the same problem now ! When I click in, I get an error saying the page does not exist. I have a wordpress theme ready to press but how do I get started ?

If you are trying to log in to your WordPress site and you are unsuccessful, it’s because of this:

We’re hard at work on this! You can follow the updates on our status blog. You can also submit a ticket to our support team about this and we’ll investigate, in case what you’re seeing is unrelated. Thanks!