Installing wordpress to my subdomain




I’m trying to create a website using my subdomain, and I want to use Wordpress as my CMS. How do I install Wordpress to the subdomain to create a website? I already use wordpress on my main domain.



Once you have created your sub-domain and let it propagate (aka, you can navigate to it with your browser), it’s as simple as going into your DH panel and using the one-click installer to place WordPress at the root of that sub-domain. You’ll complete the installation with info your receive in an email from DH.

Do you want to also move content from your current WP to the new one?


When I go to the one-click install for wordpress I only have the option to choose my main domain. I currently have my subdomain redirected to my main domain, so as not to have downtime. If I need to remove the redirect in order to download wordpress, how do I do so?

I don’t want to move the content from my current WP. I want to create a new eCommerce site using the subdomain.