Installing WordPress through a dreamhosters mirror

I’m moving a WordPress site to Dreamhost from another hoster. I’d like to set up the domain, mirror it using a dreamhosters subdomain, and get WordPress all set up and the site copied before switching name servers, to minimize downtime. The Quick Install setup links use to the actual domain address, not the dreamhosters subdomain mirror, Just substituting the dreamhoster mirror address into the setup link doesn’t work. Can I set up a new WP install through a dreamhoster mirror before changing the domain DNS? Thanks for any help.

I answered my own question. I simply did a standard WP install (not using one-click). Later I’ll change the WP address in WP Settings to the actual domain. I’m not sure there’s a way to use Dreamhost’s one-click install until DNS points to the Dreamhost servers.

Glad to read you solved the issue but I’m still curious to understand why the other process failed. Did you follow the instructions provided in the KB like this one below?

Honestly, I just hadn’t read those instructions, and it was just easier to install WP by hand instead of using the one-click. I had to edit DB_HOST and the database just like in those instructions. Next time I’ll RTFM. ;-]

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