Installing WordPress plugin: Could not create directory




Our WordPress site was working fine and allowing plugin installs/updates but this week we noticed we’re receiving the following error when adding a new plugin

[quote]Downloading install package from…

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Could not create directory. /

Plugin install failed.[/quote]

I tried CHMODing the apropriate directories to 755 to no avail. I have learned that the one-click installs may have auto-upgraded us – perhaps overwriting permissions or settings in the process.

How can we sort this out? Thanks!


It’s possibly, though unlikely. The 1-click upgrade should not be changing those permissions.

Make sure you don’t already have the folder /wp-content/plugins/login-security-solution/ - sometimes a failed install of a plugin or theme will drop out halfway and leave the folder there.

If there isn’t one, you should only have to ever edit the plugins folder itself to permissions 755, and the fact that you can do that removes the other common error (i.e. you don’t have permissions to that folder).

Obviously you can upload it manually through FTP, but that’s rarely optimal.