Installing WordPress on my new domain

I acquired and am ready to set it up and start transferring stuff from my subdomain

However, when I go to Dreamhost’s one click installation page and choose to install WordPress, I am asked to choose the domain, but my only option is, does not appear as an option.

Also, browsers cannot find nor the address without www.

Please advise.


go to manage domains first and add the new domain on that page as “fully hosted”

then go back to one clicks and you will get the choice in the drop-down.

Remember after you add the new domain it may take anywhere from a few minutes to 72 hours for it to appear in a browser… usually it happens in 4 to 8 hours unless it happened in minutes. This part is not a dreamhost delay, it’s just how DNS works and the term is propagation.

Thanks, I had done all that last week, but I actually didn’t see the button at the bottom of the section that needed clicked on.