Installing WordPress after already building a website in your main directory



I want to install wordpress, but I already uploaded a website (didn’t realize wordpress was for more than just blogging. have i been living under a rock?)

anyways, the one-click install recommends that no file be in the directory before installing wordpress. I have a lot of files in that directory.

How do I remove them?


There are a number of way’s… I assume you used ftp to upload your website, if so just log back in via ftp and delete. Most ftp’s you can select multiple files and right click to delete all at once.

If you used dreamhosts “webftp” (a.k.a. ajaxexplorer) you might want to visit and pick an actual ftp client and install it on your computer. (filezilla is the favorite choice, many use winscp also).


thanks! can this be done through Dreamweaver? I’ve never seen a delete option on it


I’ve never used dreamweaver, but i just googled “dreamweaver delete files remote server” and it looks like you can.