Installing Webalizer on shared hosting account?

I’ll be perfectly honest: I hate Analog
Analog is the webstats software which Dreamhost has installed by default (available at

I’d like to install Webalizer for the sites that I have hosted through Dreamhost.

Has anyone done this before? Any tips/tricks?
Figured I would ask before I starting digging throught the documentation and giving it a whirl.

Thanks in advance,

Actually it’s funny cause I decided to fool around with that today. I haven’t installed it, and probably won’t. I do it locally on my own system. I’ve setup a batch file to create the report and I’ve bookmarked it on my own browser, but now I’m just trying to figure out a way to automate the downloading of the access.log file from the server to my local folder on my PC, or at least do it the easiest way possible, through another batch file, or macro maybe.

Good luck on the install

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We ensure that the previous day’s access log file can always be accessed as /home/user/logs/ . In most cases just configured the stats program to look there and set up a cron job for it to run nightly and you’ll be good to go.

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