Installing vB, need magic_quotes_gpc off, help?

I’m planning to install vBulletin on my site, and running the test script from their site, I got the following results:

Essential vBulletin Requirements
PHP 4.3.10 Pass
MySQL 4.1.14-Debian_3-log Pass
magic_quotes_sybase Pass
XML Pass

MySQL Permission Requirements
create Pass
alter Pass
insert Pass
update Pass
select Pass
delete Pass
drop Pass

Recommended Settings
open_basedir Pass
safe_mode Pass
magic_quotes_runtime Pass
magic_quotes_gpc Fail
GD 2.x Pass

Checking up on that failure, I recieved this message:

magic_quotes_gpc should be off for optimal performance, ask your host to change this in php.ini

Is there anything I can do about this, or am I stuck with it on?

unless you want to compile your own php, you’re stuck with the way it is now. Chceck out the Wiki for instructiosno n compiling php 4 or 5 your self.


Easy. Create an .htaccess file in the root directory of your site (or the directory your application is installed in) with the following line:

php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off PHP must be running as an Apache module for this to work. It runs as CGI by default, so you may have to change that in the admin panel.

On the other hand, the error you got says that they recommend it be turned off, but not that it won’t run at all. Does it not work currently?

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he hasn’t actualy bought Vb yet, it says on the site that it will work, just not to full functionality, meaning it may be missing a component that needs or wants

Indeed, I haven’t yet been able to install it- this is due to processing of payment and nothing more. However I do want it to run as smoothly and flawlessly as possible, and if I can make a suggested setting work the way I want it to, I’d rather do it.

Thanks for the help everyone! :slight_smile:

I currently use vB and have had no problems with running it on dreamhost.