Installing Trac on DreamHost shared host



Since I’m new to DreamHost and this kind of work, I decided to try and create a thread where we’ll go through the installation of Trac on a DreamHost shared host. I know there is a post in the wiki but since I was told not to blindly believe what it says I think this is a more secure way of doing it.

First I’ll show a list of what the wiki says you should do, then I’ll wait for an answer confirm that it’s the right way to go. After that I’ll take it one step at a time and in the end update this post to give new users an easy guide on how to install Trac here.

The wiki says I should:

  1. Do a “Enviorment Setup” to configure the install paths of packages.
  2. Install Python (2.3.5) (Python bindings don’t work with 2.4)
  3. Install Clearsilver (0.10.2)
  4. Install SQLite (3.3.4)
  5. Install PySQLite (2.0.7)
  6. Install SWIG (1.3.24)
  7. Install Subversion (Possible from web panel now so that shouldn’t be necessary, or is it?)
  8. Install Trac (0.9.4)
  9. Create a Trac Enviorment
  10. Setting up your domain (Shouldn’t you do this before step 9?)
  11. Adding plugin: DB Authenticate.
  12. Adding plugin: WebAdmin.

These are the steps that the wiki pages is giving. Now the idea is that someone confirms this way (these steps) and then that we go through the list one number at a time and in the end have a good guide.

When answering to this post, please only talk about the step we are currently on or steps that are allready finished (if we’ve done something wrong). Do not talk about future steps. Also, write in the post which step you are talking about (unless your just confirming these steps).

I hope that we can get some people working on this since I believe it would be good for beginners who wants to install Trac or any 3rd party software for that mather.

Thanks in advance!

Martin Lundberg
Student, Sweden