Installing Tomcat on a Dreamhost PS

I fear that my question will go uinanswered if the ~6 other queries in these forums about installing Tomcat are any indication, but I’ll give it a try anyway. I want to try run JSP on one of my sites, and it looks like installing Tomcat is the way to go to support that. But I don’t want to disrupt any of the existing sites hosted on my VPS, so I want someone with a bit more familiarity with hosting to point me in the right direction. Can I install Tomcat (or something with JSP support) on a Dreamhost PS relatively safely? How?

I was able to install it. Loosely followed this link.
The guide is for installing Tomcat on a Mac machine, but I’m sure you can manage implementing it into your VPS.


I followed this guide and it fully works:

All except for the last part for enabling TomCat to work on port 80.
You can use tomcat on port 8080 (dont forget to start it before) but for port 80 forward try other guides on the next.


This did the trick for me:

HI BM, found this and thought that it might help.

[quote]Do you support JSP?
JSP (Java Server Pages) is a format for using Java to dynamically generate web content.
DreamHost does not offer JSP on shared hosting plans.[/quote]

[quote]Do you support the Tomcat/Jakarta JSP engine?
No. DreamHost does not support the Tomcat/Jakarta JSP engine unless you use a DreamHost PS.[/quote]