Installing symfony/upgrading pear


I am trying to install symfony on my account. I am a Windows guy trying to move over to a *nix platform, so SSH and the likes are new to me. I started a thread on the symfony forums, but I don’t think anybody can help because it seems to be a Dreamhost issue.

Basically, I am trying to install symfony, which requires a newer version of PEAR than I currently have. I have tried to upgrade it with various commands, but the installation always fails.

Here is the link to that post:

And here is the link to the install documentation, perhaps I can skip a few steps with Dreamhost:

Any help would be awesome! Thanks.

I think you got the correct answer in the Symfony forum. If you create a directory called install (or anythign else as long as you update the commnd) in your root directory (root as in the folder you’re droped into when you log into FTP of ssh) and type this:

“pear upgrade PEAR-1.3.3 -R /home/username/install”

You’ll need to change out username for the user you’re logging into ssh with. Is that something you’ve tried before, or does that work?


I never tried to specify a folder location. But, I tried to run that and got Package name ‘-R’ not valid. When I removed the ‘-R’ from the line, it said Package name ‘/home/MYNAME/install/’ not valid

I’ve never ever done anything like this before.

Well, here’s the deal. I’m not sure what command you need to use, but you need to specify the install directory. When you first tried the command it tries to write to the default linux directories for the server, which you don’t have write access for. If you did, your install would effect everyone on the server.

So, you want to run the command to upgrade pear, but you need to specify an insatll directory of “/home/userName/pear” (chaning userName to be your username and pear to anything you want) Why don’t you try asking over in the forum you linked to on how to specify the install directory.

You’ll get it, just be patient. It takes a bit to learn, but once you begin to understand things, you’ll be able to customize your sapce more and more.


You’ve got it right - it’s a command order issue. the “-R /path/to/dir” has to go before the package name, so the command would be:

pear upgrade -R /home/username/pear PEAR-1.3.3