Installing Subversion?


I’m looking to use something as a repository, that I and one other person, would be able to easily upload some excel spreadsheets, making them available for anyone to access them.

I thought that Subversion would fit the bill. I did the one click install, but I am totally clueless on what I’m supposed to do with it now!

This is one of the examples I have installed.

On load, it just says “Revision 0: /”

I really havent a clue!!! I did look at the FAQ, but to be honest, its gobbeldeygook!

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


If you are talking about having web access to Excel spreadsheets, you will almost certainly need a Windows-based hosting company.

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I just want the files to be visible so they can be downloaded just like any other file. Sorry if you thought I meant view the file. (I assume thats what you meant?)

I’ve not used any collaboration software before, so I’m not really the right person to help. If all you are looking for is a way to share some files though, it might be sufficient to setup anonymous FTP on your account.

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I want to be a bit more easy that FTP.

Ive not even seen this software in action (is there any demo’s - Ive certainly not seen one!)

Im hoping I would be able to upload direct from a web browser (after logging in) to deposit and users would be able to see a directory with files. (Its actually for a fantasy football league - so that the results and tables etc dont have to be emailed out each week.)

Subversion seems like a massive “overkill” for what you are tying to do.

Several of the “one-click” installations on DreamHost have the ability for you to allow a user to upload files that than then be accessed by others as part of their functionality:


There are also lots of other ways to approach this with other scripts on the web, one of the simplest being a simple file manager type of script that you install and give access to for that user you want to be able to upload files.

You can then just link to them from your site, of link to the directory that the files were uploaded to.

This is much simpler for what you are talking about doing than trying to use subversion.