Installing steghide on a VPS

This was a nightmare but I seem to have gotten it working eventually. Here is my email to the steghide development mailing list, which provides all the details:

I had significant difficulty getting steghide to compile, but eventually it seems to have worked. The application passes its self-tests, but I defer to actual programmers for their opinions on whether this is a solution.

First, I had the problems shown here and I fixed them using the instructions on those bug pages:
Error: "too few template-parameter-lists"
Solution: add “template <>” before “const” to 8 lines of src/AuData.h starting at line 24
Error: "‘ULONG_MAX’ was not declared in this scope"
Solution: add “#define ULONG_MAX 4294967295” to src/Graph.h

Then the following problems surfaced, and proposed solutions are indicated:

Error: " error: invalid conversion from ‘uint8_t*’ to ‘char*’"
Download and extract the latest mhash ( as of this writing).
Edit mhash- at line 51 and line 82.
On line 51, change “#define mutils_word8 uint8_t” to "#define mutils_word8 char"
On line 82, change “typedef unsigned char mutils_word8;” to "typedef char mutils_word8;"
Rebuild and install mhash.

Error: " error: invalid conversion from ‘unsigned char’ to ‘char’"
Solution: edit src/ by deleting “unsigned” from line 60 so that mhash_keygen_ext takes a char instead of an unsigned char.

At that point steghide compiled, although I got a lot of warnings for “deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char.’”

Apparently I did not have libtool installed, so I installed it and was then able to install steghide.

I’ve provided my full output here in case anyone wants to look at it (sorry for the length; I have no clue):

I tested steghide by embedding “Hello World!” in a small jpeg and extracting it, and it seemed to work. So I welcome comments from people who actually know what they are doing.


Andrew Watters