Installing software



I’ve found a neat piece of software for generating Flash files from the command line;

I’ve had a play with it on the desktop, and it seems great.
How do I go about installing it on Dreamhost, so that I can call it from a PHP script?




Well, I suppose that you could try to install it via the shell following the instructions in the FAQ on the site, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

You might get it to work, with sufficient futzing about with paths and permissions (I cannot tell from the documentation if you can casually manipulate paths/permissions as might be required for you to install it on DreamHost)

DreamHost allows access to the shell and because of that you can install a good many things that you won’t be able to successfully run on the DreamHost webservers because of their CPU/memory requirements, their processing time, and the resulting impact on other users serving web pages (the main purpose of DreamHost webservers). :wink:

This package looks very much to like it falls in that category.