Installing smartrss into my blog error


Hi i recently install smartrss at my blog for the automated contents. but when i try to visit the file i get this error Warning: file() [function.file]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/.usually/chaotic6x3/ on line 29

I tried to install this on other server and it is working fine. but in the dreamhost server its not working.

Please let me know wat to do.



For security reason, DreamHost’s default PHP installations have allow_url_fopen set to “off”. This is a "Good Thing"™ for the safety of your website and the websites of others on your shared webserver.

The proper way to deal with this is to re-write the code in question to use cURL. If youi are not capable of doing this yourself, you might try contacting the author of SmartRSS to see if he can be persuaded to do this as a matter of “best practive” improvement of his software.

Alternately, there are other RSS retrieval software packages out there that do use cURL, and you might consider using on of them.

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My mind mus be going feeble in my old age - as I forgot a recent thread where I posted a cURL fix for this program. Check out this DH Forum thread that contains a link to a cURL “fix” for SmartRSS.

Some may point out that you can compile your own custom version of PHP for use on DreamHost to circumvent this restriction, but I will not advise doing so - allow_url_fopen is an unnecessary risk and you should not use it on a shared server where others could suffer as a result of it being exploited on your site.