Installing scripts before DNS change



I’m trying to install textpattern on my new DH account, by visiting

Problem is, the change in DNS has not yet taken place. Is there another url from where i can access my files on the DH servers?


There is a nice article on this subject on the Dreamhost Wiki, or you can search this forum as this is definately a FAQ. With scripts, it is a little more complicated, as you have to set up your MySQL database with a host. If you do this using the “” subdomain, you will most likely want to “re-do” it (dump SQL, create new database and host, reload SQL, etc.) on your “real” domain once it propagates, so this might make it worth waiting for DNS to propgate on your domain.



excellent info, thanks alot

think ill wait for the dns to propagate


Now that you can add multipe host names per database, there’s no need to dump the data and reload. Just create the database with a hostname of your regular domain, then add on an other one at

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Thanks for pointing that out. I was under the impression that you could have the same user across datagbases/hosts, and multiple databases per host, but I was not aware you could do it the other way around, and have multiple hosts per database.



yeah, I guess this feature came in with the little re-arrangement of mysql set up they did. If you log into the panel, in the little white box surrounding each database there’s a link to add a new host name for this server. They’re all interchangable, and you can connect to any of the databases lited there with any of the host names.

I heavn’t actually used it my self, but I assume it works.

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