Installing postie to post WP using email

i am having a difficult time setting up postie.

i’ve been through the suggestions in other posts here and made a ton of changes over the past 5 hours but still it does not work. i have tried a email of my own domain using port 110 and i have set it up with gmail using 995. i have tested it leaving the “admin” name and replacing it with the user name and replacing it with the administrator name from WP.
in “mailserver” i have used the user name and the email address as user name. I have also tried is placing the ssl:// before “” and i have made some other selections like adding the email address i would send from.
There was another thread here that said just to change the name and it worked but that’s not doing it either.
I also have added several new users in order to re-test configurations with another user name and another email and password just to see if i could get the plug in to function.

finally i updated WP and thesis hoping that would make a differce.
nothing is working.
every time i click to test i get the same “time-out” error – also in the error it always says “Error[110]” even when i was using gmail with the 995 port.

the author page and the forum page in the wordpress plug in links are dead links.

does any one successfully use this plug in?
i could really use some assistance with the configuration
i prefer not to use a gmail acct but will use what ever will work.

thanks for any assistance.

Did you pick pop3-ssl or imap-ssl ?

in postie the drop down box only has pop3 available. it says just right of the drop down that the others are unavailable.
in one forum i saw a lady said she changed her mailserver to ssl:/ and that worked.
i changed the email this morning to a host gator domain i have and tried that. again nothing. at least now when i click the buttons to check config and to run postie it says it works but there is no new mail.
created email about 3 hours ago so there should be mail to load into postie except i think somehow there is an issue with the settings.
…but i do not know what or how to get it to actually work.

I would post here:

Only because I’m not as awesome with Postie as I am with other plugins (I use the iOS app instead of email to post remotely).

iOS for ipad? what’s that? i’d prefer that as i do most curation on ipad.

You can download it from the app-store

Swinging back around to this, because it came up at the recent WordPress Community Summit: Post by email is a major request, but one of the hold ups has been not every host has the same email server setup. WordPress will likely be removing this from core and putting it into a plugin that uses their servers. I don’t have an ETA on that, but rest assured, they’re working on it.

I recommend you create a new thread rather than posting onto a 6-year old thread. Good luck.